BaccaratThe Italians remain steadfast that Baccarat originates from them. However, as it travelled through continents and countries throughout the centuries, different variations and rules emerged. Both online and brick-and-mortar casinos variations of French, European and American. While the rules differ, the style remains the same. Its elegance is appealing, and Mini Baccarat also emerged which adapts the same rules as American Baccarat.


In the game though which is a card game, the queens, kings, jacks and tens have zero value. Hands that are combined to make ten also have a zero value, for example, a hand with a six and a four, will be zero as well and a winning hand as it will be baccarat. The different variations have a difference that stands out and that is how cards are dealt. Most online casinos offer baccarat allowing anyone to enjoy to try the game.


The objective is to get as close to nine as possible and every card count as its own value except for the coloured cards and ten which is zeros. You can wager on three things, on a tie, on the dealer’s hand and on your own. It resembles blackjack in a way, except here your aim is for 9 instead of 21.

Casino de Monte-Carlo | Monte Carlo, Monaco

Casino de Monte-Carlo | Monte Carlo, MonacoThe Casino de Monte-Carlo is synonymous with James Bond and might very well be the oldest known casino in the world. The architect of the Paris Opera House, Charles Garnier, designed and built the Casino de Monte-Carlo in 1893. It is a global reference for entertainment and gambling as the Belle Époque architecture and exceptional luxury still hold visitors in awe.

Everything at the Casino de Monte Carlo is a unique savoir-faire with attention to detail and sophistication. It is a popular destination for the rich and famous and tourists travel from around the globe to witness its spectacular difference and unrivalled elegance.

It offers an exceptional selection of poker, blackjack, baccarat, Trente et Quarante and French roulette. Even the gaming tables stand out as different as each one is hand-crafted by artisans. The slot machines have its own incredibly decorated gambling room called the Salle des Ameriques.

While it opens its doors to tourists to witness its grandeur, gaming only starts daily from 2 PM and the last entrée is at 12:15 PM. If it is possible to tear yourself away, you can experience the ambience of the Salle Europe lounge bar or the Salon Rose restaurant. Regular Gala evenings at Casino de Monte-Carlos are varied and diverse but in keeping with the subtle extravagance during surreal performances.

Johnny Chan

Johnny ChanOverview

Johnny Chan’s life is one of rags to riches. After moving to the United States, the Chinese boy became a professional poker player. He has won no less than ten World Series of Poker bracelets and the 1987 and 1988 main events consecutively. His nickname is “The Orient Express “, given his Chinese heritage.

Johnny Chan got his nickname while he was relatively new to the poker tournament scene. In 1978, Chan came to Las Vegas to become a professional poker player, earning his famous nickname in 1982. It was a brave move and of course prior to online casino usa and the like. Very much bricks and mortar territory.

He was born in Guangzhou, China, in 1957. He came to the USA in 1968 along with his family, who settled in Arizona before moving to Houston, Texas. His family owned restaurants there, and this is where he started playing cards. He left university when he was 21 as he wanted to become a professional poker player in Las Vegas.

Chan’s Career as a Gambler

In one night, Chan allegedly gained $20 000 from $500 in a cash game at the age of 16, his first casino experience. However, he lost all of it the next day. In addition to winning the World Series of Poker (WSOP), he was also part of the movie Rounders. Moreover, Chan appears as a cameo in the final heads up round from 1988.

In 1989, he almost won his third consecutive title. Still, instead, he finished second to Phil Hellmuth and missed out on an NBA championship ring Jerry Buss the owner of the LA Lakers, promised him if he had won three consecutive events.

He is equal with Phil Ivey and Doyle Brunson after being the first player to win ten WOSP bracelets. Perhaps nowadays he visits and other top casino sites. Chan also owns a fast-food franchise at the Stratosphere Hotel, located in Las Vegas. In addition to being a poker writer, he is also a consultant for casinos and game makers.

Henry Tamburin

Henry TamburinAbout Henry Tamburin

Henry Tamburin, born in 1944, is a gambling author with a doctorate in chemistry and a background in mathematics. He is best known for his book Blackjack Take your Money and Run, where he explains basic Blackjack strategies, side bets, managing your bankrolls and card counting. He has written several other gambling books, and for over 37 years, he has been an advocate for better odds for players while teaching them to play smart. Besides teaching Blackjack, he also teaches Video Poker classes in Vegas.

Gambling and Blackjack

Tamburin knew very little about Blackjack before he attended University, studying for a Doctorate in Organic Chemistry. He had a lecturer in a probability and statistics course who assigned students to analyze a game of their choosing by examining its stats and selecting the best strategies. His classmates chose games like chess and bingo. Tamburin focused on Blackjack and realized players could beat the game following a mathematically devised strategy and card counting, which tells players when to raise their bets.

As time passed, he wrote for a casino advice column for Tom Rivers NJ newspaper, and shortly after that, Tamburin and his wife Linda started their own casino gambling club and taught card counting in the evenings. Linda and Henry devised their team strategy and would join a table separately, giving no clue they knew one another, and when the count was right, he would signal her to increase her bet.


Tamburin is not only a well-known author; he is also known for his prowess as a Blackjack player teaching Blackjack courses throughout the U.S He does not regard himself as a Blackjack expert and only started devoting real time to Blackjack when he retired. Today he has over 1000 published articles on various casino games from Video Poker to Craps, available in Strictly Slots, The Gambler Magazine, Casino Player Magazine and Gaming South Magazine.