Santa’s Stack Slot by Relax Gaming

Santa’s Stack Slot by Relax GamingIntroduction

Santa’s Stack slot is a game developed by Relax Gaming available to play for free or real money. It has a cluster-paying grid with 8 rows and 8 columns and it’s sure to fill your Christmas stocking with high-paying cluster wins. Christmas is in full swing when you play Santa’s Stack with flashing lights, red-nosed reindeer, and elves to assist you in activating free spins, re-spins, and multipliers. This classic retro-styled game has bets ranging from 0.10 to 50.00 per spin, an RTP OF 96.27% and a massive stocking filler of 20000x your stake.

Santa’s Stack Bonus Features

There are two main bonus features in Santa’s Stack plus a Bonus Buy Feature. The first of the bonus features is the Secret Santa Re-spins Feature with wilds that are sure to assist in landing you some big wins.

To trigger this feature when a wild symbol becomes part of a winning cluster. The winning cluster gets converted into a mystery symbol as re-spins are granted. Each symbol in the cluster gets wrapped until the Mystery symbol is revealed, moreover, those mystery symbols remain in place. When a winning symbol lands next to the previously formed mystery symbols it turns the new winning cluster into mystery symbols giving players another re-spin.

To trigger the Free Spins, Feature players must land 3+ Christmas trees and receive an initial amount of 5 free spins. With every additional bonus, symbol landed you receive another free spin. The Secret Santa Feature also gets activated during the free spins.


Santa’s Stack is a brilliant slot, particularly for those who like a bit of nostalgia coupled with a generous max win of 20 000x your stake. It’s the kind of slot that can be enjoyed all year round because Santa will keep reeling out rewards.

Hex Slot by Relax Gaming

Hex Slot by Relax GamingOverview

Hex is an online slot game developed by Relax Gaming and released in 2022. With its macabre and voodoo-themed aesthetics, Hex stands out in the crowd of online slot games. The game features a traditional 5-reel layout, but the ways to win vary from 243 to a whopping 1024, offering a thrilling experience for players​.

Gameplay and Mechanics

The betting range of Hex is from $0.10 to $30, which makes it accessible to a broad range of players, especially those who prefer low-stake gaming. Despite its seemingly complex theme, Hex has a simple setup, with a straightforward 5×3 slot and a high Return to Player of 96.43%.

The game is characterized by high volatility and a hit frequency of 24.73%, implying that wins might not come often, but when they do, they can be substantial. It also features jackpots, free spins, and bonus buys. The highest win in Hex can reach up to an incredible 25,000x the stake​​.

Visuals and Symbols

The visual aspects of Hex contribute significantly to its appeal. The game incorporates typical elements of occult paraphernalia as symbols. These include potions acting as low-pay icons, with skulls, cards, bird feet, snakes, and voodoo dolls serving as high-pay symbols. Wilds in Hex also offer payouts, with up to a 20x payout for five of them landing on your reels​​.


Hex by Relax Gaming is available to play on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that players can enjoy this thrilling slot game wherever they are.


Hex offers a mesmerizing and thrilling gaming experience. It is a perfect blend of simple yet interesting gameplay, high volatility, and a compelling visual presentation. Whether you are a casual player or a low-stake player, Hex has something to offer everyone. Its high RTP and the potential for substantial wins make it an exciting choice for slot game enthusiasts.

Megabuck Double Jackpot Winner – Las Vegas

Megabuck Double Jackpot Winner - Las VegasThe story of Elmer Sherwin shows that it isn’t impossible to win millions of dollars twice in one place.

When Sherwin and his wife decided to stop in Las Vegas for a visit with family, they were travelling across the country in their mobile home. Sherwin spent $100 a week at the local casinos while they were there. His $100 budget quickly disappeared at the Mirage Hotel and Casino’s grand opening when Sherwin and his wife attended. To try the Megabucks machine just one more time, he asked his wife for twenty more dollars.

Sherwin, 76, won his first $4.6 million jackpot at the Mirage 10 hours after the casino opened. Sherwin’s big win was an important one, but it wouldn’t be his last.

As a result of his first jackpot win, Sherwin said winning it again became his “life’s dream”.

To win the top prize on the Megabucks machine, a dollar slot machine from International Game Technology, players must bet $3 to hit the jackpot. When a jackpot is won, the jackpot resets to $7 million and builds again until a Megabucks symbol is lined up.

Less than one in 10 million people are likely to win the Megabucks grand prize.

But after Sherwin won his first big win, he returned twice a week to the casino for 16 years before hitting his second big jackpot.

On what felt like the millionth time, Sherwin tried his luck at Las Vegas’ Cannery Casino & Hotel’s Megabucks slot machine on September 16th, 2005. His life could truly be changed after winning the $21 million jackpot this time.

The majority of Sherwin’s winnings, however, went to those affected by Hurricane Katrina, as well as sharing with his family in Las Vegas, including his son and daughter-in-law.

His family was shocked when they discovered he had won as he did not tell them. He let them see it on the news instead!



Henry Tamburin

Henry TamburinAbout Henry Tamburin

Henry Tamburin, born in 1944, is a gambling author with a doctorate in chemistry and a background in mathematics. He is best known for his book Blackjack Take your Money and Run, where he explains basic Blackjack strategies, side bets, managing your bankrolls and card counting. He has written several other gambling books, and for over 37 years, he has been an advocate for better odds for players while teaching them to play smart. Besides teaching Blackjack, he also teaches Video Poker classes in Vegas.

Gambling and Blackjack

Tamburin knew very little about Blackjack before he attended University, studying for a Doctorate in Organic Chemistry. He had a lecturer in a probability and statistics course who assigned students to analyze a game of their choosing by examining its stats and selecting the best strategies. His classmates chose games like chess and bingo. Tamburin focused on Blackjack and realized players could beat the game following a mathematically devised strategy and card counting, which tells players when to raise their bets.

As time passed, he wrote for a casino advice column for Tom Rivers NJ newspaper, and shortly after that, Tamburin and his wife Linda started their own casino gambling club and taught card counting in the evenings. Linda and Henry devised their team strategy and would join a table separately, giving no clue they knew one another, and when the count was right, he would signal her to increase her bet.


Tamburin is not only a well-known author; he is also known for his prowess as a Blackjack player teaching Blackjack courses throughout the U.S He does not regard himself as a Blackjack expert and only started devoting real time to Blackjack when he retired. Today he has over 1000 published articles on various casino games from Video Poker to Craps, available in Strictly Slots, The Gambler Magazine, Casino Player Magazine and Gaming South Magazine.


FedEx Saved By Big Casino Win

FedEx Saved By Big Casino WinIn April 1973, FedEx opened for business and grew rapidly. Rising fuel costs eventually caused FedEx to become deeply in debt.

Apparently, there is a casino jackpot responsible for the 300,000 jobs held by FedEx

The story goes that during the company’s founding years, there was only $5,000 left in the accounts but a fuel bill of $24,000, so the owner Fred Smith gambled it all at a Las Vegas Blackjack table and managed to win $27,000 to keep the company afloat. The formative years of FedEx were characterized by a great deal of risk-taking on Smith’s part.

Smith’s actions are reminiscent of the phrase ‘desperate times call for desperate measures,’ given the desperation he had after his business loan application was denied.

Frock, one of the founders of the company, said he asked Smith where the money came from and he responded that the meeting with General Dynamics was a bust, but he took the money to Las Vegas and won $27,000. He answers, “What difference does it make?” when Frock asks him what he was thinking. The company survived even though Smith literally gambled its future on blackjack. The luck of Fred was again with him, as Frock put it. Although it wasn’t much, it came at a crucial time and kept them in business for another week.

During the following weeks and months, FedEx managed to accumulate enough money to continue growing. His decision to put everything on the table had worked out for him by 1983 when FedEx had revenues of more than a billion dollars. Eventually, Fred Smith became one of the world’s wealthiest men after simply turning $5,000 into $27,000 by playing blackjack.

Over the years, Las Vegas has paid out some huge jackpots to many people and businesses in need. The opposite of course is also the case.