BaccaratThe Italians remain steadfast that Baccarat originates from them. However, as it travelled through continents and countries throughout the centuries, different variations and rules emerged. Both online and brick-and-mortar casinos variations of French, European and American. While the rules differ, the style remains the same. Its elegance is appealing, and Mini Baccarat also emerged which adapts the same rules as American Baccarat.


In the game though which is a card game, the queens, kings, jacks and tens have zero value. Hands that are combined to make ten also have a zero value, for example, a hand with a six and a four, will be zero as well and a winning hand as it will be baccarat. The different variations have a difference that stands out and that is how cards are dealt. Most online casinos offer baccarat allowing anyone to enjoy to try the game.


The objective is to get as close to nine as possible and every card count as its own value except for the coloured cards and ten which is zeros. You can wager on three things, on a tie, on the dealer’s hand and on your own. It resembles blackjack in a way, except here your aim is for 9 instead of 21.


PachinkoEven though gambling is illegal in Japan, Pachinko originates from there and is one of the most popular gambling forms not only in Japan but also in New Zealand and Australia. You will also find Pachinko in brick-and-mortar casinos in the UK and USA. Americans believe it is based on their pinball games, which is a US invention, while others believe it is based on the Japanese Pachi-Pachi.


Pachinko online uses balls with the object of the game being very similar to pinball. It might be because of the small steel balls, which is around 11 mm in diameter, resulting in the US claiming Pachinko as their game. You need to direct the balls using the additions for both speed and direction. The aim is to get the ball to land into pockets that are scattered on the field along with avoiding the numerous obstacles.


Pachinko is an unpredictable game and if the balls fall off the playing field you lose. You only win if you land the balls into the designated pockets. There are numerous versions too which different software developers design to make it more interesting. Layouts and patterns are different along with the number of balls which vary including which ball should drop first, etc.

Sic Bo

Sic BoIt is amazing how many of the best online casino games originate from China’s distant shores. Like Craps, Sic Bo is also a dice game. While it is older than roulette, Sic Bo still appeals to fans of both Roulette and Craps lovers. It has elements of both these online games and is equally entertaining. Sic Bo literally translates to dice pair which suggests that in ancient times, Sic Bo was played with two dice instead of three.


The objective is to place a bet by predicting what the outcome of the dice would be. It is played by three dice which are shaken, then thrown. Playing Sic Bo online you have a rather complex looking table and three dice. The Sic Bo table is marked similarly to roulette with a variety of betting options. You merely decide which wager to bet and how much. You have an unlimited number of bets you can place per roll with the more you bet, the bigger your chances.


If you look at the rather complicated Sic Bo table initially, it could be confusing, but this busy layout indicates that there is a myriad of betting options to be made. The optimal bets include odds and even including big and small. These bets pay even money and have a house edge of 2.78%.


BingoBingo has always been one of the world’s most popular gambling forms that date to 1530, Italy. It was a lottery back then and it arrived in the UK around the 18th century. As it moved throughout the world it morphed into the popular Bingo form played at online casinos today. In the UK alone, Bingo is worth around £1.3 billion originating from Bingo Halls, brick-and-mortar casinos and now online casinos.


Bingo is one of the few games that is truly enjoyed across all ages and sexes and a social game where people come together and having a great time. While it used to be a game for the older generation, more young gamblers try their hand at bingo. Only when poker became popular did Bingo move to the online casino industry and make its claim as a game of comical number calls. Bingo does not offer special features and loads of style, but it delivers wherever it is important. It is an HTML5 designed game with an easy to use interface and allows for play on any platform including mobile.


You do not need strategic knowledge, just luck and paying attention. A player chooses between 9 columns and three rows of numbers. It features random blank spots and random numbers and when the numbers are drawn a player fills the drawn number on the card. The first player to get their line full is declared the winner.

Red Dog

Red DogRed Dog Poker online is a new fast-moving and fun card game. The game starts with two cards followed by a third. The object of Red Dog is to have the last card land between the other two cards dealt first. The first two cards are your spread and your winnings depend on the spread size, whether you raise or call and the amount of your bet. Looking at an online Red Dog table you will see the table has spaces for three cards. You start your game by selecting your bet size and deal.


You are dealt with two immediate cards that are placed on the spaces left and right while the middle remains empty. Now you need to decide on raise or call. When you raise, you double your bet. Often you will have no raise option, and this happens when there are a pair of cards like two fives or two consecutive cards like six and seven.


Now you are dealt the third card and it must fall within the spread of the other two cards to form a winning hand. It is incredibly straightforward and easy to play with no strategies to master. For example, if your two cards are a 5 and 7, the third must be a 6.