Largest Slot Payout in History

Largest Slot Payout in History

In March of 2003, the gaming industry provided its largest slot payout ever, a prize of $39,713,982.25, won on a Megabucks machine at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino. MGM Resorts International owns and operates the Excalibur, and the venue launched on the Vegas Strip in 1990, situated at the Tropicana – Las Vegas Boulevard intersection.

Due to a request for anonymity, not much information is available about this spinner, except that he was a 25-year old software engineer from California. As the story goes, while visiting family in Vegas, he found himself strolling Excalibur’s casino floor. On his uncle’s advice, he put down a $100 bet on the Megabucks slot, which proved to be a life-changing investment. Finding himself in Lady Luck’s good graces, he landed the massive jackpot sum.

Days after the event, the Excalibur Casino released a statement containing the following quote from the lucky winner – “I’m still stunned; it doesn’t seem real yet. Both of my parents are working, so I will use some of this money to fund their retirements.” The Californian opted to get his winnings in installments of $1.5 million per year. The previous slot jackpot record stood at $34.9 million, won in 2000, at the Desert Inn, in Las Vegas.

10 High Paying Online Slots

Those unfamiliar with gambling sites may believe that superb payouts such as those mentioned above can only happen at land-based venues in hot spots like Macau, Vegas, or Atlantic City. However, that is not the case because you can also find slots that feature massive jackpot prizes hosted on these online slot casinos.

To illustrate that the prizes awarded in the digital sphere are comparable to those at real-life casinos, we only have to mention one name – Mega Moolah. In early October of 2018, the Microgaming slot provided a record-setting $21.7 million jackpot to an anonymous gambler.

The win represented a sizeable improvement from the previous record of $13.2 million, won in May of 2015 by John Heywood, a British Army lance corporal.

Mega Moolah is the king of high paying online slots, and you can play it at platforms such as Betway, 888 Casino, and Jackpot City Casino. Other titles that offer enormous rewards include:

1. Mega Fortune

2. Wheels of Fortune

3. Epic Holiday Party

4. Reels of Wealth

5. Mr. Vegas

6. Fire Dragon

7. Cash Bandits 3

8. Good Girl, Bad Girl

9. The Glam Life

10. Greedy Goblin

What Increases The Chances of Winning Big

Higher denomination slots have a higher payback percentage. Meaning, you cannot land massive wins while spinning with pennies. You have to make a sizeable gaming investment to get a large return. If you are playing for fun, you are unlikely to land life-altering amounts, as most jackpot slots only let you play for the top prize when you wager the max possible amount.

Before spinning such a title, always check to see what bet makes you eligible for the jackpot.

You must understand that no strategy will increase your chances of hitting a huge win. When it comes to slots, all results are random. A computer algorithm controls each spin outcome. It indiscriminately decides which symbols will land where on the reels. Never fall prey to myths

such as the game is hot or due for a win. All of that is fiction. Believing such falsehoods could lead to losses that are larger than what you can afford.

It is hard to determine the odds of landing a progressive jackpot, seeing many factors come into play. However, going by some estimates, the odds hover around one in 50 million. Therefore, the main factor is always luck.

A few methods may help you stay away from being in the red, guiding principles that can help if you want to play for fun and leave with a few extra bucks. These include making small multi-playline bets on low volatility slots.

Considering that your chances of landing a jackpot are so small, it’s always a good idea to play the games that feature the industry’s biggest prizes. If you’re ready to take risks, why not go for the best return possible?

Final Tip

Promotional deals are the cornerstones of online casino marketing. Due to sector saturation, many platforms resort to providing lavish welcome bonuses that will make them stand out.

These seem to be the most efficient way to attract new players, seeing the game offer is similar at most top platforms. Thus, when looking for an online casino that’s right for you, always check to see how its registration bonus stacks up with others available on the market.

Be aware that free spins that come with sign-up offers will likely have caps in terms of the max bet possible. That limit is usually around $5, and they will feature a max win limit. So, you will not be eligible to land huge prizes when utilizing free spins. Some sites may also have similar restrictions on the use of bonus funds, which you get after fulfilling a wagering requirement with your real funds.

When searching for a decent registration offer, also be on the lookout for bonus codes. A bonus code is an efficient tool in every marketer’s tool-box, as they allow players access to limited promotional deals. You can find these codes on social media, newsletters, message boards, inside chat rooms, or on the casino sites themselves. Platforms may use synonyms when marketing these codes, all of which signify the same thing. You can find them under the names like bonus code, promo code, coupon code, and so on.

An example of a quality offer utilizing this promotional gimmick is the welcome deal at Las Atlantis Casino. The site offers a sign-up package that will match your first five deposits 280% up to $14,000 if you use the coupon code – LASATLANTIS the first five times you fund your account. It comes with an x30 wagering requirement and a max bet limit of $10

Roulette & Slots System Data Appears on Online Casino Guides

Roulette & Slots System Data Appears on Online Casino GuidesIt doesn’t matter what you’ve heard: there is no easy way to beat the casino. However, by looking at the numbers, you can greatly improve your chances of success. The more you know, the more often you can win, and this is something that all players are now considering.

To help players on their strategic quests, online casinos are now filled with data, all of which can help members to better understand the games they’re playing and to try and gain an edge. Here are just a few of the ways that casinos have embraced datasets in recent years:


The paytable/info section is your best friend when playing slot machines. Accessed via the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) or the “i” icon, this section contains everything you need to know about the game.

In the old days, this screen would be reserved for information about the bonus game and symbol sizes. These days, it contains location data on all of the slot’s paylines, as well as payout information, volatility, and the slot’s RTP.

The RTP and volatility are both key to determining how likely you are to win on a particular online slot.

The RTP tells you how much money you can expect to win over an extended gaming session. Typically displayed as a percentage, it’s best understood as a dollar amount following a $100 session. For instance, if the RTP is 96%, this means you can expect an approximate return of $96 for every $100 you bet.

Of course, this is just the average and it’s calculated over millions of spins, so you could win a lot less or a lot more. However, a higher RTP generally means your odds of winning are higher, and you can use this number to compare slots.

As for the volatility, this dictates how likely a game is to payout in the short-term and how big that payout will be. A high volatility game is one that pays out infrequently but generally triggers large wins, whereas a low volatility games releases smaller wins more regularly. If you’re planning a short gaming session, you should opt for a low volatility game, while saving high volatility ones for longer gaming sessions.


Roulette games display something known as a house edge, which tells you how much of an edge the casino has over you and is essentially the opposite of an RTP. These games will also tell you what the odds of winning each bet will be, and this is key, as some bets are much more likely than others, even if the odds are very similar.

Players often incorrectly assume that all Roulette games have the same odds and payouts, but this simply isn’t the case. Games of American Roulette have nearly twice the house edge of European Roulette, while French variants have the lowest odds of all. Once you consider Speed and Multi-Wheel variants, these odds change even more.

The numbers don’t end there, either. Roulette casino games also keep a log of all previous outcomes, allowing you to trawl though the data and make your decision based on this data. Of course, just because the last 5 spins have been Black doesn’t mean that the next one will be Red, but if it makes you feel better to think this way, this date is very useful!

You can also use this information if you’re utilizing Roulette strategies like the Martingale, which requires you to keep track of all previous bets and outcomes.

Lottery Games

Games of Keno, Bingo, and instant lotteries, just like games of Roulette, also contain information on every previous outcome. Again, this doesn’t always mean anything as previous results don’t impact future ones, but if you like to look for patterns, you will have a lot of fun trawling through this data and trying to make sense of it.

Sports Betting

Betting data is not limited to online casino games. It’s also something you’ll find on sports betting sites, and this is when the data really comes to life. By studying the form of football games, for instance, you can determine the most likely outcome and place your bet based on that outcome. Of course, it’s worth noting that the odds are set based on this data, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something that the oddsmakers have missed.

For instance, odds often take into account recent results, player form, and the number of fouls, corners, and free-kicks. But it rarely takes into account what happened when those teams last met, nor does it consider what happens when a prolific striker goes up against a solid shot-stopper who knows the striker well. These are all things you can take into account when placing your bets.

Important factors players should consider about online casino licenses

Important factors players should consider about online casino licensesAny player who wants to patronize a casino must do a little work of checking out the background of the casino because it is the wise thing to do. You have to verify if the casino has a proper and valid license of operation as this is a major indicator of how genuine it is. 

Everyone visits a casino to win and not fall victim to a random number generator that has been manipulated against them, or face issues when trying to make a withdrawal of the funds they won whilst playing. Regardless, this is not all there is to a casino license, there’s more to it. Find out below.

  • Every casino gaming enthusiast should opt for a licensed casino.

Casino players must not treat these regulatory practices with kid gloves. Any casino they choose to play at should have a license as they are parting with their money and personal data while doing so.

Not everyone is comfortable giving out the sensitive information required for registration at these online casinos. Asking for the license for perusal shouldn’t be a big deal and should be done if that’s what will convince you. 

Regardless, a casino that wants the best for its customers should openly display its license on the website’s footer.

  • A license is a seal of approval from the industry’s regulators

For a casino to commence legal operations, adherence must be made to the stipulated local regulations as this is one of the major requirements. This differs according to geographical location though. Regardless, earning the certificate is proof that the casino has undergone thorough background checks and scrutiny and emerged unscathed.

The inspection process ensures that the legitimacy of the casino business is checked and proven, as well as the platform tested for security, amongst other checks. With regard to the security of online casinos, Casimba Casino has proven to be one of the safest and secure online casinos out there in recent times. They’ve carved a niche for themselves in this forte.

Emphasis is placed on the clarity of the payout process as only casinos who have a clearly outlined payout process will obtain a license.

  • The priority of licensing is player protection

There is the need for players at online casinos to feel safe and secure when making a deposit, and that odds are balanced and not stacked against them. The players have to be assured that personal data such as credit card numbers are handled with care.

Therefore, this sensitive information has to be encrypted before it is stored in a server just in case there is a security breach. A less secure server will result in identity theft, diversion of funds, amongst other painful occurrences. Therefore, an operator with a license can be deemed trustworthy in handling the personal details and finances of customers.

  • Different licenses have specific roles they play

An online casino can own multiple licenses. For example, some countries only allow pre-approved casinos to operate in their region, and one of the criteria is that the online casino must have a base operation in the said country. 

This will allow for careful observation of the residents in the country and will also boost cash flow to the government. Therefore, it’d be wise to patronize casinos that have a local license as they are considered the safest.

Roulette Ruminations

Roulette RuminationsI’m a man of routine when it comes to being  a casino goer. While I do occasionally play poker, for the vast majority of time I’m drawn towards slots or the roulette wheel. These have become mainstays of my casino gaming and a great way to unwind in such a brightly lit environment.

My online casino habits mirror my offline ones, and so when I’m browsing through some of the top casino sites with the best sign up and loyalty bonuses, such as those found on , once again I’m back on the slots and roulette wheel. What I most like about the slots is how modern day online slot have so many different fun and appealing themes, and really do draw you in. There are many more ways to win now than in days of old too, so you’re always in with a chance of winning big! Some win jackpots into the millions of dollars.

Perhaps some of my most memorable online and offline casino play moments involve roulette though. I alternate between strategies  of betting on black or red, and then times where I stick steadfast to a single number or two. The latter strategy can be frustrating at times, but is definitely the most rewarding when your number does finally come up. I’ve had a time or two, where my single number has come up twice in a row, which is pretty much the dream outcome as far as roulette goes, especially if you’ve left your money on from the previous spin. Roulette is not a game for the impatient, but it’s certainly a favourite of mine!



Canadian casinos are starting the process for the eventual reopening 

Canadian casinos are starting the process for the eventual reopening Like other countries, the pandemic has massive impacts on every sector in Canada. The country is still in recovery, but things are shaping up and economic activities will be back soon as provincial governments ease the lockdown. Casinos are one of the entertainment centers that suffered from the pandemic  

Despite having the highest number of inventions and casualties, Quebec has started easing back to regular living. Schools, the daycares and elementary, have begun opening their doors to students. Precautions such as a maximum of 15 students in a well-spaced class are taken to maintain social distancing. 

Entertainment adds to the quality of our life. On that premise, the biggest casinos in Canada are preparing for opening in various provinces. Which casinos are taking the front in bringing back entertainment to the people of Canada, with appropriate precautions in place?

The two Niagara Casinos – Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino

The two popular casinos are loved for the magnificent views and the refreshing surrounding year of the Niagara Falls. The operator for the two casinos is working around the clock to reopen and adapt the casino to the new safety protocols. 

A letter dated May 22, received by the president of Niagara casinos, Richard Taylor states the province is finalizing the reopening of the casinos following Ontario Gaming industry health and safety guidelines. It is hoped that the letter will be an indication of the reopening of casinos in Ontario soon.

Though there is no date for the reopening included in the letter, the two Niagara casinos have optimism that the reopening is closer than expected a few months ago.

Of course, any opening date will take into account the precautions and the safety of the public. The reopening of the casino Niagara and Fallsview casino will be by the public health guidance to prevent the spread of the virus.

Riverrock Casino

Riverrock announced the closure of the casino on March 17, for the safety of the public. There is no stated date for the reopening of the river casino. Over a month ago, Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia, admitted reopening casinos is not on their mind as they try to ease the province back to what it used to be. 

The British Columbia province has a plan to ease the restrictions in phases without losing sight of social distancing measures. The entertainment, which includes concerts, shows and casinos are in Phase 4, after businesses, restaurants and retails, sare opened to the public.

Caesars Windsor

Caesars Windsor is one of the top casinos in Canada and has remained closed since March. The director of external communications of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, Tony Bitonti, revealed the reopening of the casino in the province, including Caesars Windsor, would only be sanctioned when the province permits it.

 According to Bitonti, there will be a physical distance of at least two meters among the customers, face covering, physical barriers and enhanced cleaning will be mandatory in all Ontario based casinos.  

Like order provinces, Ontario is easing lockdown in phases. The Casino and Union officials have been in talks with the government and health officials on the best time of opening the casinos.

Other Casinos are based on the Provincial Plan

Generally, the plans of all the casinos such as casino de Montreal in Quebec and River Cree Casino in Alberta are dependent on the plans of the host provinces to ease the people out of the lockdown. Several casinos have no reopening date information on their websites. Casinos will indeed reopen as soon as economic activities start picking up.

A great alternative for Canadians

Online casinos have been a better alternative to physical casinos way before the pandemic. Though convenience is the first thing that comes to mind when talking of online casinos, well-detailed websites, bigger game selection, impressive bonus packages, attractive graphics and realistic sound are some of the edges they have on physical. You can get all that with Bestafe in Canada, along with on-the-go immersive live betting.