The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, China

The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is the sister resort to The Venetian in Las Vegas and owned by Las Vegas Sands Company in America. It is Asia’s largest single hotel building and by floor area the seventh-largest in the world. It opened its doors in August 2007 with 3,000 rooms and 550,000 square feet of casino space.

Tourists, visitors and gamblers have an abundance of world-class shopping, dining and gambling all in opulent décor. This is a mini city that gives you the opportunity to enjoy theatre, gambling and fine dining. Guests that tear themselves away from the casino can choose from an astounding 20 restaurants that satisfy any palate from Asian International to Western, Chinese, Macanese, Mediterranean, Italian and more. A popular choice that late night gamblers love is the Brazilian steakhouse where they carve meat directly from the skewer in a relaxed and casual ambience.

The casino floor is divided into four themed areas, the Phoenix, Red Dragon, Imperial House and Golden Fish. Here gamblers have a diverse selection of over 800 gambling tables and more than 6,000 slot machines. Consider that you are in one of the world’s largest casinos, even when you are a non-gambler, it is worth strolling through the casino with its magnificent décor and atmosphere.


Historians will tell you that poker originates to a 10th- century emperor, others claim it comes from the 16th-century Persian card game. Others claim it resembles 17th century France’s game Poque, while more say it is a 16th- century Spanish game. Therefore, it can only be deduced that it has always been popular and the fact that everybody wants to claim it as their own is a reflection on its popularity. Over time though many variations and games were developed from Poker.


Texas Hold’Em is a very popular version while other equally popular and sought-after include seven card stud, five card draw, triple draw, Omaha, Hi-Low, Jacks or Better, five card stud and many more. Texas Hold’Em is also part of the Poker World Series.


Some of the gameplay is pretty similar in all the variations.  Pairs are two of any kind, three of a kind, straight, which is any five cards with different suits in a row, flush is all cards of the same suit, full house is a three of a kind with a pair, straight flush is any five cards with the same suit, Royal flush is the same suit and from 10, J, Q, K and an Ace. You need to place your bet and irrespective of the number of players, the one with the strongest hand wins.