Roulette Ruminations

Roulette RuminationsI’m a man of routine when it comes to being  a casino goer. While I do occasionally play poker, for the vast majority of time I’m drawn towards slots or the roulette wheel. These have become mainstays of my casino gaming and a great way to unwind in such a brightly lit environment.

My online casino habits mirror my offline ones, and so when I’m browsing through some of the top casino sites with the best sign up and loyalty bonuses, such as those found on , once again I’m back on the slots and roulette wheel. What I most like about the slots is how modern day online slot have so many different fun and appealing themes, and really do draw you in. There are many more ways to win now than in days of old too, so you’re always in with a chance of winning big! Some win jackpots into the millions of dollars.

Perhaps some of my most memorable online and offline casino play moments involve roulette though. I alternate between strategies  of betting on black or red, and then times where I stick steadfast to a single number or two. The latter strategy can be frustrating at times, but is definitely the most rewarding when your number does finally come up. I’ve had a time or two, where my single number has come up twice in a row, which is pretty much the dream outcome as far as roulette goes, especially if you’ve left your money on from the previous spin. Roulette is not a game for the impatient, but it’s certainly a favourite of mine!



Canadian casinos are starting the process for the eventual reopening 

Canadian casinos are starting the process for the eventual reopening Like other countries, the pandemic has massive impacts on every sector in Canada. The country is still in recovery, but things are shaping up and economic activities will be back soon as provincial governments ease the lockdown. Casinos are one of the entertainment centers that suffered from the pandemic  

Despite having the highest number of inventions and casualties, Quebec has started easing back to regular living. Schools, the daycares and elementary, have begun opening their doors to students. Precautions such as a maximum of 15 students in a well-spaced class are taken to maintain social distancing. 

Entertainment adds to the quality of our life. On that premise, the biggest casinos in Canada are preparing for opening in various provinces. Which casinos are taking the front in bringing back entertainment to the people of Canada, with appropriate precautions in place?

The two Niagara Casinos – Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino

The two popular casinos are loved for the magnificent views and the refreshing surrounding year of the Niagara Falls. The operator for the two casinos is working around the clock to reopen and adapt the casino to the new safety protocols. 

A letter dated May 22, received by the president of Niagara casinos, Richard Taylor states the province is finalizing the reopening of the casinos following Ontario Gaming industry health and safety guidelines. It is hoped that the letter will be an indication of the reopening of casinos in Ontario soon.

Though there is no date for the reopening included in the letter, the two Niagara casinos have optimism that the reopening is closer than expected a few months ago.

Of course, any opening date will take into account the precautions and the safety of the public. The reopening of the casino Niagara and Fallsview casino will be by the public health guidance to prevent the spread of the virus.

Riverrock Casino

Riverrock announced the closure of the casino on March 17, for the safety of the public. There is no stated date for the reopening of the river casino. Over a month ago, Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia, admitted reopening casinos is not on their mind as they try to ease the province back to what it used to be. 

The British Columbia province has a plan to ease the restrictions in phases without losing sight of social distancing measures. The entertainment, which includes concerts, shows and casinos are in Phase 4, after businesses, restaurants and retails, sare opened to the public.

Caesars Windsor

Caesars Windsor is one of the top casinos in Canada and has remained closed since March. The director of external communications of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, Tony Bitonti, revealed the reopening of the casino in the province, including Caesars Windsor, would only be sanctioned when the province permits it.

 According to Bitonti, there will be a physical distance of at least two meters among the customers, face covering, physical barriers and enhanced cleaning will be mandatory in all Ontario based casinos.  

Like order provinces, Ontario is easing lockdown in phases. The Casino and Union officials have been in talks with the government and health officials on the best time of opening the casinos.

Other Casinos are based on the Provincial Plan

Generally, the plans of all the casinos such as casino de Montreal in Quebec and River Cree Casino in Alberta are dependent on the plans of the host provinces to ease the people out of the lockdown. Several casinos have no reopening date information on their websites. Casinos will indeed reopen as soon as economic activities start picking up.

A great alternative for Canadians

Online casinos have been a better alternative to physical casinos way before the pandemic. Though convenience is the first thing that comes to mind when talking of online casinos, well-detailed websites, bigger game selection, impressive bonus packages, attractive graphics and realistic sound are some of the edges they have on physical. You can get all that with Bestafe in Canada, along with on-the-go immersive live betting.

How to Make a Withdrawal from a Bitcoin Casino

How to Make a Withdrawal from a Bitcoin CasinoAs Bitcoin gambling becomes ever more popular, you may have many questions. Rest assured, as we’re here to make things simpler.

When putting your Bitcoin into an online casino, you may understandably be worried. Will you be able to retrieve your Bitcoin after winning or deciding to cash out? This article will explain how to make a withdrawal from a Bitcoin casino. If you are not sure how Bitcoin works yet, you will be able to learn more here. We’ll also be mentioning a few secure Bitcoin casinos if you’re not sure which ones are legit.

Bitcoin Refresher

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that exists solely as files on your computer or smartphone. These files are kept in a virtual wallet and traced using a list called the blockchain.

Bitcoin is ideal if you wish to gamble anonymously. The risk of giving your card or bank details is eliminated completely when using this method. Even though blockchain is public, no one will know which specific key is yours if you don’t tell them yourself. The fact that Bitcoin is not governed by any country or bank adds to its anonymity.

To acquire Bitcoin, you can sell goods or services in exchange for Bitcoin, or buy them using your currency. Bitcoin can be obtained and exchanged in part. Online Bitcoin casinos also allow you to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin in part. One Bitcoin is estimated to approximately $7100 as of April 2020. Next, you’ll need a wallet to keep and manage your bitcoin through. Below are examples of the most commonly used variants.

Web-based Bitcoin wallets

Your currency information is stored online; these are the easiest and most convenient. Your Web-based Bitcoin wallet can be accessed from any device that has an Internet connection. Web-based wallets refer to desktop and mobile wallets, as both instances require an Internet connection.

Desktop Bitcoin wallets

Your Bitcoin is stored in an online wallet which may have an app that can be downloaded to your desktop. You may also simply access your wallet on the internet without downloading an app. Both options require an Internet connection.

Hardware Bitcoin wallets

Your Bitcoin files are stored externally, for example, on a USB flash drive. In this instance you will save your Bitcoin files externally, and will be able to access them using a computer without the need for an Internet connection.

Mobile Bitcoin wallets

Your Bitcoin is stored in an app that’s downloaded to your mobile phone. Mobile Bitcoin wallets are compatible with most smartphones. These apps are convenient as your smartphone is always within your reach. These apps require an Internet connection to function.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is banned in some countries, Bitcoin is the most popular global currency. Using Bitcoin means you have the ability to trade quickly, discreetly, and to and from most countries in the world.

Because the currency isn’t governed by any bank or country, little to no fees are added on transactions. When using Bitcoin at an online casino, you remove the middleman. Bitcoin goes straight from you to the casino, and straight from the casino to you. This makes for faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions when gambling online.

How to Deposit Bitcoin Into an Online Casino

Before you can withdraw Bitcoin from an online casino, you’ll have to deposit the currency into your online casino of choice. If you do not have Bitcoin of your own yet, we will discuss how to get Bitcoin as well.

Register at your online casino if required. Your chosen online casino should guide you through the process. Go to the deposit options and choose Bitcoin as your preferred currency. Your casino will generate a unique depositing address for you. Copy your deposit address from the casino and navigate to your Bitcoin wallet. Choose an amount to transfer and paste the unique deposit address into the required field within your Bitcoin wallet. The funds will instantly show in your online casino account.

How to Withdraw Bitcoin from an Online Casino

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the casino allows you to withdraw Bitcoin. Some online casinos only accept it as a deposit option.

Once you’re ready to cash out, simply click on the “cashier” section. Here you’ll be given options of the currency in which you wish to cash out, choose Bitcoin. Select the amount you want to withdraw and insert your virtual wallet number. Your Bitcoin should be deposited to your public wallet within a maximum of 24 hours.

Keep in mind that most online casinos do set a minimum cash out limit, even for Bitcoin. This amount, however, is rarely more than 0.01 Bitcoin. Online Bitcoin casinos may have a maximum withdrawal limit.

Bitcoin Online Casinos

As Bitcoin has become a more widely accepted currency, many online casinos are now accepting Bitcoin. A number of these casinos offer casino bonuses or several free spins upon signing up. This means you won’t have to deposit anything to stand a chance to win more of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin can be broken up into several parts, namely BTC, dBTC (10th of a BTC, or 0.1), cBTC (100th of a BTC, or 0.01), mBTC (1000th of a BTC or 0.001), μBTC (1 000000th of a BTC, or 0.000001) and the Satoshi (100000000th of a BTC, or 0.00000001). You won’t need to buy or deposit an entire Bitcoin.

Bitcoin casinos offer a variety of games including iconic casino games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, etc. You can also use your currency to bet on traditional sports, as well as eSports.

Suggested Online Bitcoin Casinos


This is an online casino that allows you to use Bitcoin. By joining 1xBit, you’ll receive a bonus of BTC1. No fees are added to any transactions when using this casino. This is the most popular online crypto casino, dealing only with crypto deposits.

Withdrawals are quick and easy. You have the ability to join 1xBit online casino without giving out any personal information. The minimum deposit for Bitcoin is 1mBTC, and there’s no set minimum withdrawal. 1xBit offers 24/7 live chat and email assistance.


This online sportsbook doesn’t require users to sign up. It adds a twist to online sportsbook betting by having players bet against each other instead of against the platform itself. With every bet, the multiplier changes, depending on how many bets are placed on the specific event. OneHash does not set a limit on bet amounts or restrict winners in any way.

Additional Bitcoin Casinos to Consider

You should consider,, and Cloudbet when choosing your online Bitcoin casino.

The casinos listed in this article are not the only Bitcoin casinos on the market, but they’re some of the best.


Cheats that can Help you Win at Online Slots

Cheats that can Help you Win at Online SlotsThere is no specific way in which you are able to cheat online slots but there are ways in which you can increase the likelihood of winning as you play. Though these are not the same thing, they will give you a similar outcome – cash winnings!

As there were so many ways that slot machines were being cheated in the traditional casinos, the casinos needed to protect themselves and put methods in place to be able to do so which later spread to the online slot machines too.

Though this has been a bad thing for the immoral players, this has been great for the players who want equality across their gaming and who want to be able to win through luck and chance, as opposed to cheating. But what is the RNG that we have all heard of but know so little about?

RNG Prevents Cheating

The RNG, or Random Number Generator, prevents cheating from occurring because it relies on a computer-generated code to decipher as to whether a player is a winner or not. This means that there is nothing that a player can do, or not do, to override the system to fool the machine or online game into thinking that they have won.

This has been an absolute revelation for UK slot games because cheats were losing the casinos vast sums of money as well as putting themselves at risk of addiction, and of course prosecution, should they have been caught. A new RNG is created on every spin of the reel, so it makes no difference who you are, how long you have been playing on a slot game or how much money you have spent. You are seen as a new player every time and your likelihood of winning is just the same whether you have been playing for hours or if it is your first spin of the online slot reel.

Slot Strategy

Creating a strategy before you begin playing will increase the amount of “luck” you have whilst playing your chosen slots game. It’s not always best to go for the most colourful, highest jackpot, fun looking games, as they have been created to draw you in in exactly this way and therefore probably don’t have the best potential.

Look around and see if there are games that aesthetically look a little less exciting but have some great statistics for you to take advantage of. The games that look less appealing, draw less of a crowd to their online slot and can, therefore, afford to pay out much more of a sizeable reward. This is definitely something worth remembering for your future play and something many players, even seasoned players, don’t think about.

Bankroll and Settings for Slots Games

Before you ever start playing on your chosen online slots game, you should always work out the bankroll that you are financially able to play with. This should be a figure that, if you are unable to win any sort of return, should not affect you financially if it is all lost. Losing all of your bankroll is what you need to cater for as there is potential for this to occur whenever you gamble.

You can increase the outreach of your bankroll by altering your settings in your chosen slot. The best to take advantage of are the coin value and number of coins. If you are placing a larger bet, the difference these settings make will be enormous for you and you need to be aware of how far even the smaller bankrolls can go by altering these settings even slightly.

Always Bonuses, Never Cheats

Whether you are looking to join a new affiliate casino site or wish to remain loyal to the casino you already play with, there will be bonuses, promotions and offers that you can take advantage of. The best to look out for are the slot games with free spins, but there are alternative offers such as no deposit free spins, having your deposit doubled or free credit towards a certain game.

It is always best to take advantage of promotions, make alterations to your strategy, stick to your bankroll and change your settings, rather than ever to try and cheat when playing online slot games. But it is safe to say that there is no way to be able to cheat as the RNG prevents you from being able to do so. Frustrating for some but a great safety feature for the majority and certainly for the casinos.

MGM Grand Casino, Las Vegas

MGM Grand Casino, Las VegasThe MGM Grand is a hotel and casino resort that opened its doors in 1993 and was the world’s largest hotel complex at that time. It is a 30-storey main building with waterfalls, rivers and five outdoor pools that cover 35,000 square feet as well as restaurants, night clubs, shops, Grand Spa, Grand Garden Arena and a 171,500 square metre casino which is the largest in Clark County.

The MGM Grand is just ten minutes’ drive from McCarran International Airport and is located on the Las Vegas Strip. The Grand Garden Arena host world-famous musical performances, while headliners like Cirque du Soleil perform at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. Award-winning dining options such as fine-dining Joel Robuchon, classic buffets at MGM Grand Buffet, gastro-pub style dining at Michael Mina, Japanese cuisine at Morimoto Las Vegas and steakhouse classic at Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak.

There is of course, in this modern age bound to be a comparison between online and offline casinos. While there will always be an audience for bricks and mortar casinos, it does have to be said that the competitive nature of online casinos, the impressive bonuses and conveniences, all play a part in making online casinos an equally attractive options as offline options.

The casino houses a diverse number of slots, electronic table games and video pokers, progressive slots and high limit slots with denominations as high as $100 per line bet. The table games selection offers a combination of invigorating luxury with indulgences like roulette, blackjack and baccarat with more than ten table options. Wall-to-wall sports books and dedicated poker rooms where the World Series of Poker plays off are some other casino indulgences.