BingoBingo has always been one of the world’s most popular gambling forms that date to 1530, Italy. It was a lottery back then and it arrived in the UK around the 18th century. As it moved throughout the world it morphed into the popular Bingo form played at online casinos today. In the UK alone, Bingo is worth around £1.3 billion originating from Bingo Halls, brick-and-mortar casinos and now online casinos.


Bingo is one of the few games that is truly enjoyed across all ages and sexes and a social game where people come together and having a great time. While it used to be a game for the older generation, more young gamblers try their hand at bingo. Only when poker became popular did Bingo move to the online casino industry and make its claim as a game of comical number calls. Bingo does not offer special features and loads of style, but it delivers wherever it is important. It is an HTML5 designed game with an easy to use interface and allows for play on any platform including mobile.


You do not need strategic knowledge, just luck and paying attention. A player chooses between 9 columns and three rows of numbers. It features random blank spots and random numbers and when the numbers are drawn a player fills the drawn number on the card. The first player to get their line full is declared the winner.

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