PachinkoEven though gambling is illegal in Japan, Pachinko originates from there and is one of the most popular gambling forms not only in Japan but also in New Zealand and Australia. You will also find Pachinko in brick-and-mortar casinos in the UK and USA. Americans believe it is based on their pinball games, which is a US invention, while others believe it is based on the Japanese Pachi-Pachi.


Pachinko online uses balls with the object of the game being very similar to pinball. It might be because of the small steel balls, which is around 11 mm in diameter, resulting in the US claiming Pachinko as their game. You need to direct the balls using the additions for both speed and direction. The aim is to get the ball to land into pockets that are scattered on the field along with avoiding the numerous obstacles.


Pachinko is an unpredictable game and if the balls fall off the playing field you lose. You only win if you land the balls into the designated pockets. There are numerous versions too which different software developers design to make it more interesting. Layouts and patterns are different along with the number of balls which vary including which ball should drop first, etc.

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