Canadian casinos are starting the process for the eventual reopening 

Canadian casinos are starting the process for the eventual reopening Like other countries, the pandemic has massive impacts on every sector in Canada. The country is still in recovery, but things are shaping up and economic activities will be back soon as provincial governments ease the lockdown. Casinos are one of the entertainment centers that suffered from the pandemic  

Despite having the highest number of inventions and casualties, Quebec has started easing back to regular living. Schools, the daycares and elementary, have begun opening their doors to students. Precautions such as a maximum of 15 students in a well-spaced class are taken to maintain social distancing. 

Entertainment adds to the quality of our life. On that premise, the biggest casinos in Canada are preparing for opening in various provinces. Which casinos are taking the front in bringing back entertainment to the people of Canada, with appropriate precautions in place?

The two Niagara Casinos – Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino

The two popular casinos are loved for the magnificent views and the refreshing surrounding year of the Niagara Falls. The operator for the two casinos is working around the clock to reopen and adapt the casino to the new safety protocols. 

A letter dated May 22, received by the president of Niagara casinos, Richard Taylor states the province is finalizing the reopening of the casinos following Ontario Gaming industry health and safety guidelines. It is hoped that the letter will be an indication of the reopening of casinos in Ontario soon.

Though there is no date for the reopening included in the letter, the two Niagara casinos have optimism that the reopening is closer than expected a few months ago.

Of course, any opening date will take into account the precautions and the safety of the public. The reopening of the casino Niagara and Fallsview casino will be by the public health guidance to prevent the spread of the virus.

Riverrock Casino

Riverrock announced the closure of the casino on March 17, for the safety of the public. There is no stated date for the reopening of the river casino. Over a month ago, Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia, admitted reopening casinos is not on their mind as they try to ease the province back to what it used to be. 

The British Columbia province has a plan to ease the restrictions in phases without losing sight of social distancing measures. The entertainment, which includes concerts, shows and casinos are in Phase 4, after businesses, restaurants and retails, sare opened to the public.

Caesars Windsor

Caesars Windsor is one of the top casinos in Canada and has remained closed since March. The director of external communications of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, Tony Bitonti, revealed the reopening of the casino in the province, including Caesars Windsor, would only be sanctioned when the province permits it.

 According to Bitonti, there will be a physical distance of at least two meters among the customers, face covering, physical barriers and enhanced cleaning will be mandatory in all Ontario based casinos.  

Like order provinces, Ontario is easing lockdown in phases. The Casino and Union officials have been in talks with the government and health officials on the best time of opening the casinos.

Other Casinos are based on the Provincial Plan

Generally, the plans of all the casinos such as casino de Montreal in Quebec and River Cree Casino in Alberta are dependent on the plans of the host provinces to ease the people out of the lockdown. Several casinos have no reopening date information on their websites. Casinos will indeed reopen as soon as economic activities start picking up.

A great alternative for Canadians

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