Roulette Ruminations

Roulette RuminationsI’m a man of routine when it comes to being¬† a casino goer. While I do occasionally play poker, for the vast majority of time I’m drawn towards slots or the roulette wheel. These have become mainstays of my casino gaming and a great way to unwind in such a brightly lit environment.

My online casino habits mirror my offline ones, and so when I’m browsing through some of the top casino sites with the best sign up and loyalty bonuses, such as those found on , once again I’m back on the slots and roulette wheel. What I most like about the slots is how modern day online slot have so many different fun and appealing themes, and really do draw you in. There are many more ways to win now than in days of old too, so you’re always in with a chance of winning big! Some win jackpots into the millions of dollars.

Perhaps some of my most memorable online and offline casino play moments involve roulette though. I alternate between strategies¬† of betting on black or red, and then times where I stick steadfast to a single number or two. The latter strategy can be frustrating at times, but is definitely the most rewarding when your number does finally come up. I’ve had a time or two, where my single number has come up twice in a row, which is pretty much the dream outcome as far as roulette goes, especially if you’ve left your money on from the previous spin. Roulette is not a game for the impatient, but it’s certainly a favourite of mine!